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Iowa, USA: Robin's Roots

Iowa, USA  Iowa, USA


Iowa, USA

Primary Birth events in Iowa, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Acheson, Ray R29 Jan 1887Jun 1970Corydon, Wayne CountyI26930
2 Allen, Jean22 Nov 190214 Oct 1981McMinnville, Warren County, Tennessee, _I27790
3 Bacon, Frances C7 Oct 1911May 1983(here)I24969
4 Goodell, Lewis E18701934 I26510
5 Graper, Leo C30 Jul 1910Jul 1966 I27652
6 Greenlee, Cora18 Jan 18831979Tucson, Pima County, Arizona, _I28216
7 Harris, William L18611938 I27812
8 Hawkins, Mabel V30 Sep 1902Apr 1989Sun City, Maricopa County, Arizona, _I30121
9 Helt, Benjamin AdisonDec 18691948 I25545
10 Howard, Elizabeth17801846Calloway County, Kentucky, _I26651
11 Kuykendall, Absolam David7 Sep 18582 May 1920Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma, _I29536
12 Kuykendall, Clara 'Elzina'Dec 1866  I29540
13 Kuykendall, DavidAbt 1863  I31112
14 Kuykendall, Elmer A17 Nov 188717 Mar 1888(here)I29550
15 Kuykendall, George RichardsonAbt 18651935 I31113
16 Kuykendall, Glenn E2 Apr 19169 Jan 1969Alameda County, California, _I29604
17 Kuykendall, JamesAbt 1861  I31110
18 Kuykendall, MatthewAbt 1858  I31104
19 Lionberger, Harriett F3 Mar 189715 Oct 1978Benton County, Oregon, _I24715
20 McCutchan, Monte EarlAbt 19011947PeruI24794
21 Nelson, Amina18681934 I25353
22 Nelson, Sarah Phyllis19011944Oregon, _I27535
23 Nelson, SeawardAbt 1868  I31058
24 Saddoris, Charles Leon7 Jan 18763 Jan 1916(here)I26551
25 Smith, Charles S18671931 I26546
26 Welch, Mae18 Mar 18731964San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, _I27642

Primary Death events in Iowa, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Bacon, Frances CMay 19837 Oct 1911(here)I24969
2 Banister, Mrs. MargaretBef 1856Abt 1802 I29712
3 Galland, David18521809Ohio, _I31109
4 Greenlee, Lydia13 Jan 18921855Mason County, West Virginia, _I31464
5 Guinn, Malinda E9 Mar 196929 Sep 1877Wayne CountyI25552
6 Kuykendall, Elmer A17 Mar 188817 Nov 1887(here)I29550
7 Nelson, Edward E19621869Allerton, Wayne CountyI25354
8 Saddoris, Charles Leon3 Jan 19167 Jan 1876(here)I26551
9 Shearer, James Ephriam3 Feb 196411 Jul 1897Hampton, Franklin CountyI21365
10 Sherman, Matilda1 Jan 190325 Oct 1837Ohio, _I25580

Military events in Iowa, USA

   Name  Military BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Nelson, MarshallBetw 1 Sep 1861 and 23 Jul 186215 Dec 1832Mason County, West Virginia, _19 Jan 1912Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, _I21486
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