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Welcome to Robin's Roots - my family genealogy website

This is a dynamic database-driven site that pulls information directly from a database, and which generates pages "on the fly" as you request them. It uses a very powerful and adaptable commercial (but low-cost) family tree/genealogy web application called TNG, (see the page footer) that I began using in August, 2013, some 15 years after I posted my first family trees on the Web.

This site lets you search for and browse among over 11,000 relatives in my family tree, and to generate family charts showing the ancestors and/or descendants of anyone in the database. You don't have to be logged in to see most of my data. (At least for now) the only benefit of an account is that you can see living people, and that benefit is irrelevant if I don't have your immediate corner of the family in my database.

The "FAQ", "Content", and "Sources" tabs above describe the content and functionality of this site in some detail. For now, I'll just note that
  • The core of the application is the "Person Profile", which, on one web page, contains
    1. All my data about a person,
    2. Tabs and hyperlinks that generate charts showing the person's ancestors or descendants,
    3. Hyperlinks to that person's parents, spouses, children, and siblings,
    4. Hyperlinks to media items or albums tied to that person,
    5. Popups that display mini-profiles when you hold your mouse over a link to another person,
    6. A map showing where the person's life events occurred,
    7. Notes, and
    8. Source citations that describe where the person's data came from.
  • There are numerous ways to find people. The most fundamental ways are:
    1. If you are closely related to me, or just want to start with some interesting profiles, you can use the "People to Start With" tab, which focuses on my ancestors.
    2. At some point, you'll want to search for someone. On this page, you can find a search form to the right (or at the bottom, depending on your browser window size). On all other pages, a smaller search form can be pulled down from a menu item labeled "Search" the "Search" button near the upper-right corner of the page.

      Both search forms contain a link to the "Advanced Search" which, as you would expect from an "Advanced" search, lets you use many other data fields in your search.

    3. On most of the genealogical charts that you can generate from the Person Profile, each person's name is a hyperlink to that person's person profile. On each chart's web page, the "Chart Types" link at the left of the horizontal menu through which you select a chart type explains differences among the various charts.
  • All pages that you can see on this site (other than this home page) use a standard layout whose navigation features are described in the Overview tab.

Just give it a try; you cannot accidentally update the site, and you probably can't crash it, so search and browse as you please. If you get lost, just click on Robin's Roots in the masthead on any page or the home link in the top navigational menu.

Finally - if you find typos, missing data that you can fill in, or data that you dispute, please feel free to use the Suggest tab or a "Contact Us" or "Contact Me" link to let me know about it.

Robin Richmond
Cleveland, Ohio
February, 2022

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
-Robin Richmond