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Welcome to Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database

This is a dynamic database-driven site that pulls information directly from a database, and which generates pages "on the fly" as you request them. It uses a very powerful and adaptable commercial (but low-cost) family tree/genealogy web application called TNG, (see the page footer) that I began using in August, 2013 some 15 years after I posted my first family trees on the Web.

This site lets you search for and browse among the over 10,000 people in my family tree database, and to generate family charts showing the ancestors and/or descendants of anyone in the database. The 'core' of the application is the "Person Profile", which, on one web page, tells you pretty much everything I know about a person, including photos, notes, histories, data sources, and maps.

You don't have to be logged in to see most of my data, but you do have to have an account, and to log in, to see information about living people.

So give it a try. You can start with

  1. The Search form that's probably over on the right side of this page (On small devices, it may have been bumped to the bottom of the page),
  2. The Welcome menu, (the second horizontal menu at the top of the page), which contains introductory pages, and a more cryptic People Search form.
  3. Or perhaps one of the links in top menu bar of this page, which search for things other than people.
Almost all of the pages that you can visit on this website have one of two standard layouts:
  1. The "home page" layout is used only by the five or so greeting and help pages that are listed on the Welcome menu.
  2. Essentially all other pages have a template layout with navigation features described below. Examples of templated pages include
    • Detailed "Person Profile" pages (that you can find through the Search menu). for every person in my database. Interesting Person Profiles include the pages for Clarence Richmond, Sr, my grandfather, Nathaniel FitzRandolph, a relatively prominent 18th century ancestor, or Joseph Hull, a very interesting early 17th century immigrant ancestor. (Also see my People to start with page.
    • Search forms and results for Cemeteries, Places where events have occurred, Sources that have supplied information to my database, Media Items attached to people, families, and events, and many other objects.
    • Surnames - A list of family names in the database, and then a list of all of the people with that family name
    • Dates Report - People who were born, died, married, etc. on any given day.
(Note: As with almost links on the World Wide Web, you can shift-click on these links to open the destination pages in a separate window that you may be able to view alongside these instructions.
On these templated pages,look for:
  1. The top horizontal menu (beginning with the Home button), which contains, among other things, a Search link (for people and families), plus drop-down menus that contain the links from the top menu on this page, and more, such as these links in the "Find" menu:
    • Surnames - A list of family names in the database, and then a list of all of the people with that family name
    • Dates - People who were born, died, married, etc. on any given day.
    • Cemeteries - All of the people (in my database) who are buried in certain cemeteries that I add to a list (not fully implemented)
  2. The "Print" Button near the upper right, which doesn't actually Print, but rather, very helpfully displays the data in a more printer-friendly way - without the graphical header, the navigation menus, and the footer).
  3. The mostly white-on-brown tab menu just below the person's name, where you can (among other things):
    • View Ancestor & Descendant Charts that link to additional members of the family. (Look for the "Print" button near the upper right of the page before actually printing a chart. The "Print" button makes sure that the chart is formatted for printing rather than for viewing on a screen.)
    • View the relationship between the person you are looking at and any other accessible person (possibly including yourself, if you have and account and are logged in).
    • Submit a Photo or Document associated with that person, or
    • Suggest a change to that person's data (or anything else, for that matter).
  4. The white-on-slate-blue links just below the tab menu, where you'll find options for the current page.
    For instance, on the Person Profile, you can use those links to limit the Person Profile to
    • Just the personal information including parents and spouses and children
    • Media - that is,
      • Photos,
      • Scanned and photographed documents (death certificates, county birth & death indexes, marriage certificates, etc.),
      • "Histories" (short biographies, family histories, and anecdotes),
      • Gravestone Photos, and
      • Scanned census worksheets.
    • Sources & Citation, where you can see where my data came from, or
    • The Event Map, which shows you a map that identifies where that person's life events occurred
    The Person Profile load with all of this data.

Finally - if you find typos, missing data that you can fill in, or data that you dispute, please feel free to use the Suggest tab or a "Contact Us" or "Contact Me" link to let me know about it.

Robin Richmond
Cleveland, Ohio

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
-Robin Richmond