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Fannin County, Texas, USA: Robin's Roots

Fannin County, Texas, USA  Fannin County, Texas, USA


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Fannin County, Texas, USA
Savoy, Fannin County, Texas, USA
Bonham, Fannin County, Texas, USA
Ector, Fannin County, Texas, USA
Dodd, Fannin County, Texas, USA

Primary Birth events within Fannin County, Texas, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Fletcher, Glenn Foster5 Oct 1902Dodd16 Oct 1978Houston, Harris County, _, _I26985
2 Horton, Earnest Elmer12 Jan 1888Bonham2 Nov 1943Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I20482
3 Horton, Una Mae14 Nov 1885Bonham3 Dec 1902Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I20481
4 Keene, James William7 Dec 1890Savoy8 Jun 1972Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I24687
5 Keene, Virginia May28 Jan 1890Savoy17 Mar 1973Lubbock, Lubbock County, _, _I24686
6 Kuykendall, James BennettMar 1857Bonham1915Lark, Marshall County, Oklahoma, _I23253

Primary Death events within Fannin County, Texas, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Draper, John Lyles28 Dec 1903Ector10 Jun 1849Putnam County, Tennessee, _I20999
2 Hicks, Absolom1 May 1877(here)18 Jul 1793Surry County, North Carolina, _I27227
3 Horton, Azre (Ezra)Bef 1887(here)Betw 1809 and 1821SC or TN, _I20144
4 Hutcheson, Charley L13 Oct 1979Bonham7 Apr 1913Texas, _I27350
5 Keene, John RobertJan 1892(here)Abt 1856Horses Cave, Hart County, Kentucky, _I24682
6 Kuykendall, Elba Isles1 Jul 1985(here)17 Apr 1897Texas, _I26773
7 Sublett, Vera Allen9 Aug 1987(here)28 Sep 1902Texas, _I26778

Residence events within Fannin County, Texas, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bagby, Nanny Lu1860(here)29 Oct 1850Mississippi, _4 Aug 1869 I22246
2 Barger, Christine Aminta1900(here)22 Jul 1867Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, _14 Sep 1926Hobart, Garfield County, Oklahoma, _I26050
3 Draper, John Lyles1900(here)10 Jun 1849Putnam County, Tennessee, _28 Dec 1903EctorI20999
4 Horton, Azre (Ezra)1880(here)Betw 1809 and 1821SC or TN, _Bef 1887(here)I20144
5 Horton, Thomas Jefferson (Jeff)1880(here)1 Nov 1852Tishomingo County, Mississippi, _30 Sep 1940Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, _I20479
6 Hughes, Tom1910(here)Abt 1887Tennessee, _  I26536
7 Karuth, Anna Eliza1900(here)Mar 1851Barren County, Kentucky, _1 Nov 1914Denison, Grayson County, _, _I23337
8 Keene, Cora B1880(here)20 Sep 1879Texas, _14 Sep 1965Redlands, San Bernardino County, California, _I24683
9 ''1900(here)''''''''''
10 Keene, Effie Lee1900Savoy31 Mar 1885Collin County, _, _25 Mar 1966 I24685
11 Keene, James William1900Savoy7 Dec 1890Savoy8 Jun 1972Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I24687
12 Keene, John Robert1880(here)Abt 1856Horses Cave, Hart County, Kentucky, _Jan 1892(here)I24682
13 Keene, Mary Blanche1900Savoy14 Mar 1883Texas, _24 Mar 1964Fort Worth, Tarrant County, _, _I24684
14 ''1900Savoy''''''''''
15 Keene, Virginia May1900Savoy28 Jan 1890Savoy17 Mar 1973Lubbock, Lubbock County, _, _I24686
16 ''1900Savoy''''''''''
17 ''1910(here)''''''''''
18 Kinder, John Claude1900(here)19 Jun 1876Texas, _22 Jan 1948San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California, _I27494
19 Kuykendall, Lucinda Elizabeth1900(here)Jul 1843Jackson County, Tennessee, _  I22237
20 ''1910(here)''''''''''
21 Murrell, James C1900(here)Abt 1842Tennessee, _UNKNOWN I22252
22 ''1910(here)''''''''''
23 Perry, James Debrix1900(here)Feb 1867Sparta, White County, Tennessee, _Aug 1909Lone Wolf, Kiowa County, Oklahoma, _I26152
24 Ross, Margaret Amanda1880(here)12 Oct 1833Tennessee, _12 Apr 1913Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I20146
25 Todd, James Franklin (Frank)1880(here)24 Jan 1853Tennessee, _27 Feb 1936Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I23035
26 Todd, Mary Emma1880(here)11 Feb 1861Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee, _14 Jan 1958Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I24681
27 ''1900Savoy''''''''''
28 ''1900Savoy''''''''''
29 Todd, Virginia Caroline (Jennie)1880(here)5 Dec 1863Dyersburg, Dyer County, Tennessee, _22 Jan 1935Quanah, Hardeman County, _, _I20480

Primary Marriage events within Fannin County, Texas, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Harvey Edward Cooper / Sidney Ann Horton4 Nov 1878(here)F20302
2 James Williams / Margaret Amanda Ross1887BonhamF20384
3 Josiah Appleby Kuykendall / Melissa Peveler25 Aug 1841(here)F21820
4 Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) Horton / Virginia Caroline (Jennie) Todd27 Dec 1883BonhamF20220
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