The Billingsley Family in America


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Billingsley Family Bio-Francis(1) Billingsley, 1620

Francis and his brother William are both my immigrant ancestors and my 10th great grandfathers.
Francis's son John married William's daughter Sarah Ann.
From The Billingsley Family In America, by Harry Alexander Davis.

Francis Billingsley
(abt 1620 Shropshire County, England - 1684 Calvert County, Maryland)

Excerpt from The Billingsley Family In America
by Harry Alexander Davis;
Published by Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Rutland, VT, 1936
pp 20-22


Born County Salop, England in 1620 moved to Holland with his parents. He came to Virginia with his brothers John and James prior to 1649. He was married about 1647 to Ann born 162_ , this marriage probably took place in Holland.
  • He had a grant of land 200 acres, called "Selby Clifts" lying on the West side of the Chesapeake Bay as assignee of Edward Selby, for transportation of Thomas Forby Anno 1649, from Caecilius, Absolute Lord and Proprietor of the Province of Maryland and Avelon Lord Baron of Baltimore, the 26th day of November in the 27th year of our Dominion over sd Province of Maryland, Anno, 1650. He came into the Province of Maryland in Anno 1652 at which time he "transported his wife and son John."
  • In Anno 1653 he transported into the Province a "Maid servant, named Ann." At a Court held at Patuxent 5 December 1654 Francis Billingsley was made Constable for the Clifts and was ordered to be present at the next Court to take charge of the office of Constable. (Ct. Rec. also Md. Arch. Vol. 10, 110.) .
  • In Anno 1656 he transported into the Province his brothers James and Thomas Billingsley.
  • In Anno 1657 he transported another maid servant also named Ann.
  • In Assembly proceedings 1657 in a list of Several charges to be Satisfied by way of Levie out of the County of Patuxent is:
    "for Fran. Billingsley for one wolfe, 100 pounds of tobacco."
  • In Anno 1658 he transported into the Province "Sarah Billingsley." She is known to be the widow of his brother, William, decsd.
  • In all these Transportations it is to be noted they all came from VIRGINIA.
  • During the year 1658 he had a resurvey made upon "Selby Clifts" in his name. In March 1659 at the beginning of the year he refused to take the oath as Constable (a yearly appointment) and was fined 591 pounds of tobacco. His refusal appears to be based upon the fact that he removed to Richmond County, Virginia with his sister in law where he operated the farm and a sloop owned by her. This is where John and Edward became interested in seafaring. In the latter part of the year 1659 Samuel Chew made claim in Court for 1200 pounds of "Tobacco do Caske" of Francis Billingsley which has never been paid.
  • While still living in Virginia he applied for additional land in Maryland and on 4 May 1663 there was surveyed for him "Corne Hill," for 350 acres and "Deer Quarter" for 250 acres, both tracts patented to him 11 Sept. 1663.
  • On 9 Nov. 1663 his brother James made his will and mentions "my three cousins (Nephews) who live on the Rapahannock, etc. leaving each a Cow Calfe.
  • On 7 Dec. 1663 Susannah, widow of James made her will and provides for " 3 Cow Calfes to "Cousins" in compliance with will of my husband, James Billingsley, decsd. On or about February 1663 64 he returned to Calvert County, Maryland, his sister in law having remarried.
  • On 2 March 1663 4 there was surveyed for Francis Billingsley and Christopher Beard 350 acres of land near the "Cliffs" in the woods, patented to Francis Billingsley 26 May 1664. Early in 1668 he sold 30 acres of this tract to John Mears. According to the will of said Mears 1675 said Mears appears to own the whole 350 acres of this tract with no record to show how acquired.
  • On 3 June 1668 there was surveyed for and patented to Francis Billingsley 100 acres of land adjoining "Deer Quarter" this was called "Addition." In the spring term of Court 1668 is the case of Francis Billingsley vs. George Atkins, etc. (While he is known to have been a Quaker this shows he was not as strict in the faith as is common, as they do not, as a rule, have recourse to law, but hold to their Meetings to mete out justice.)
  • On 26 Nov. 1668 is record of case of Ann Billingsley versus William Kay, said Kay having been indicted for criminal assault and attempted rape upon Ann, the wife of Francis Billingsley. (Prov. Ct. Lib: FF, 601¬ 662.)
  • In 1672 he was named as overseer in the will of his brother Thomas Billingsley.
  • In 1677 he was named as one of the guardians in the will of Thomas Paget.
  • In Oct. 1678 Mr. Francis Billingsley was a delegate from Calvert County to the Lower House but did not appear. On 21 Oct. 1678 he was present as a member of the Lower House at a meeting held at St. Mary's.
  • On the 23 Aug. 1681 Francis Billingsley and three other members of the Lower House sent a message to the Upper House regarding certain Laws governing the Lower House.
  • On 29 August 1681 a message on the same matter was sent to the Upper House by Francis Billingsley and others.
  • On 9 November 1681 at a meeting of the Upper House there was presented "a message from the Lower House from Mr. Cheseldyne and Francis Billingsley Desiring Perusal of the Book of Laws and an answer to the last Bill relating to the Land Offices."
  • In Nov. 1683 Francis Billingsley was appointed one of the Commissioners for Culvert County for the purpose of purchasing town lands, ports, and survey of the town and ports, and to stake lots, etc. (Arch. IV& and Proc. and Acts of Gen. Assembly Oct. 1678 Nov. 1683.)

This appears to be the last record of him and he died intestate in the year 1684 as his sons appear to be in possession of lands laid out to him. No record of any administration of his estate has so far been discovered. That his sons succeeded to his land is shown in their records. It is not known the date of the death of Ann, she was living Nov. 1668 and from the fact she does not subsequently show in any of the records after 1668 it is believed she did not long survive her trying ordeal of that year. We have endeavored to show every record so far found concerning this man for the reason that while five brothers came to America he is the one who left male issue to the third generation and he is therefore the founder of the family of 1649 in Maryland and Virginia.

Children: (known)

  1. John (2): b 1647.
  2. Ann: b 1650 Va., died infancy.
  3. Francis (2): b 1653 Md.
  4. Agatha: b ca 1656 Md., m 1672 Thomas Paget, his 2d wife. He died Mar. 1677 named Capt. Cobreath, Capt. Bourne, Francis Billingsley, and Jonathan Hunt as guardians. There were three sons by his 1st wife, and three daughters by his last wife, Agatha.
  5. Edward (4): b 1658 Md.
  6. Ann Elizabeth: b 166 in Virginia, m Thomas Sadler, had three living children in 1692 who were legatees in will of Francis Billingsley, Jr.

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