John Billingsley, Sr

John Billingsley, Sr

Male 1753 - 1844  (91 years)


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Billingsley Family Bio-John(6) Billingsley, 1754-1844

From The Billingsley Family In America, pp.71-75, by Harry Alexander Davis, Published by Tuttle Antiquarian Books, Rutland, VT, 1936

John Billingsley, Sr. (1754 Maryland - 1844 Kentucky)

He was a soldier in the North Carolina Militia during the American Revolution, and the son of James Billingsley (1726-1776), who was was hung by Tories in North Carolina because of his support for the American revolution)


(James 5, William 4, William 3, John 2, Francis 1)
Born St. Mary's County, Maryland 17 August 1754, moved to Baltimore County, Maryland with his parents and then to Guilford County, North Carolina with them. He married 2 June 1772 Jean Milsap, born North Carolina 7 May 1754. Original marriage bond on file at North Carolina Historical Commission at Raleigh and appears to have been filled out by John Billingsley himself as the signature and the body of the bond are the same writing. They moved to Rutherford County, Norty Carolina. From his father's will he appears to have been given his share of the estate at the time of his marriage. He enlisted 1776?1778 Private, Captain John Arnold's Company, Colonel Collier's Regiment, served. six months; enlisted June 1780 and served to 25 December 1780, Private, Captains Britton Fuller, and Jacob Williams, Colonel Collier's Regiment; enlisted again soon afterwards and served a few days Captain Thomas Williams, Colonel Collier's Regiment. He was pensioned 23 December 1833 while residing in Warren County, Kentucky. He states in his claim that he was residing in Rutherford County at the time of his service

On 4 January 1779 he entered 290 acres of land in Washington County (Tenn.).? On 2 April 1779 he entered two tracts of 400 acres and 200 acres of land in Onslow County, North Carolina and these were issued to him 29 March 1780. (Land Rec. 38, fol. 11, 17.) On 11 June 1779 he again entered 300 acres of land in Washington County (Tenn.). On 26 April 1780 he entered 75 acres of land in Sullivan County (Tenn.) and this was followed by entries of 74 acres, 30 acres, and 15 acres in the same County before 1785. They moved from Rutherford County to Onslow County, North Carolina about 1781 where they resided to about 1794 then moved to Sullivan County (Tenn.), and his entries were issued to him 4 December 1795. (Land Rec. 84, fol. 158, 161, 162; 89, fol. 325, 387.) They then moved to Washington County, Tennessee in 1796 where they resided many years.

Some time in the 1820's John turned over his property to his youngest son, Jacob, with the provision that Jacob would care for John and his wife the rest of their days. Jacob appears to have converted most of the property into cash and moved to Cumberland County, Kentucky where they resided in 1830. It is also stated that Jacob soon ran thru with everything available leaving his parents in destitute circumstances and that John Billingsley, Junior, came and carried his parents to his home in Warren County, Kentucky. It was from this home that John made his application for pension 23 December 1833. Jean died 8 February 1842, and John died 19 September 1844 at the home of their son, John, Warren County, Kentucky.


  1. Sarah: b Apr. 1773 Guilford Co., N. C., moved to Tenn. with her parents and married prior to 1797 Alexander Hale, he was deceased before 1840, she was living in 1850 and resided in Washington Co., Tenn. They had:
    1. Harriet Hale: b 1797, m Henry Hale, b Tenn. 1797. They had:
      1. James L. Hale: b 1829.
      2. Henry Hale: b 1834.
      3. Martha Hale: b 1836.
      4. Sarah Hale: b 1838.
      5. Harriet Hale: b 1839.
    2. Alexander Hale, Jr.: b 1800, m 1832 Elizabeth b Ky. 1803, he died in 1847, she was living Washington Co., Tenn. in 1850. They had, known:
      1. Archibald Hale: b 1834.
      2. Elizabeth Hale: b 1838.
      3. Sarah Hale : b 1840.
      4. John Hale: b 1843.
      5. James Hale: b 1845.
    3. William C. Hale: b 1803, m prior to 1833 Mariah b Ky. in 1807, he died about 1845, resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:
      1. William C. Hale, Jr.: b 1833. Twins.
      2. Jeremiah Hale: b 1833.
      3. Susan Hale: b 1834.
      4. Sarah Hale: b 1836.
      5. John Hale: b 1838.
      6. Landon Hale: b 1840.
      7. James Hale: b 1842.
    4. Joseph Hale: b 1812, m 1835 Sarah, b Ky. 1816, resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:
      1. Mary A. Hale: b 1837.
      2. Elizabeth Hale: b 1839.
      3. George W. Hale: b 1842.
      4. Catherine Hale: b 1844.
      5. Cynthia A. Hale: b 1848.
    5. Henry Hale: b 1814, m 1838 Mary, b Tenn. 1815. Resided Washington Co., Tenn. They had:
      1. Harriet Hale: b 1840.
      2. Elizabeth Hale: b 1841.
      3. Joseph Hale: b 1842.
      4. Clinton Hale: b 1844.
      5. Daniel Hale: b 1846.
      6. Thomas Hale: b 1849.
  2. Jesse (7): b 22 Feb. 1774. 
  3. Elizabeth: b May 1776, married (1) a Mr. Birdwell, he died and she married (2) a Mr. Brown. She was generally known as “Aunt Betsy Burdle” and is said to have died in Jackson Co., Tenn. It is said there was only one child and that by Birdwell, who lived to be grown but never married.
  4. James (7): b Aug. 1778.
  5. Thomas (7): b 1781.
  6. Mary: b 1783 N. C., moved to Tenn. with her parents and married (1) Jesse Parker, b N. C. 1778-79, resided in middle Tenn., and probably Jackson Co. where he died 1814?15. she married (2) Zebudee Anderson. They moved to Ill. where they resided for some years. In the record left by John M. Billingsley, No. 249, he states "Polly and her son, Wesley Anderson visited our home in Kentucky in the late 1830's" This family moved to Texas about 1848, passed thru Batesville, Ark. but did not digress to wit her: brother; Samuel, who resented it very much. We have no subsequent record of them. They had, known:
    1. Jesse Parker, Jr.: b 18? Tenn., m Ibbie Billingsley, daughter of Thomas Billingsley, No. 97, which see
    2. Wesley Anderson: b 1820 Tenn.
  7. John (7): b 7 Mar. 1786 N. C.
  8. Samuel (7): b 11 Feb. 1789.
  9. Jane: b 1792 N. C.; moved to Tenn. with her parents where she married prior to 1813 Edward Mercer, b N. C. 1787, resided in Jackson Co., Tenn., both were living in 1860. They had:
    1. Jones Mercer: b 1813.
    2. Minerva Mercer: b 1815, was unmarried in 1850.
    3. Harriet Mercer: b 1817, m about 1850 John Billingsley, son of Samuel Billingsley, No. 99. He died prior to 1844 sine prole and she married (2) a Dr. Johnson at Salem, Ark.; he died and she married (3) a Methodist minister named Caruthers. She left him and returned to Tenn. where she died. No record of any children.
    4. Sarah Mercer: b 1820, died small.
    5. Mary J. Mercer: b 1822.
    6. Canzadee Mercer: b 1824, died at Salem, Ark. in 1860's while on a visit to her sister.
    7. Levonia Mercer: b 1828.
    8. Daughter: b 183?, died inf.
    9. Amanda Mercer: b 1835.
  10. Jacob (7): b 1795 Tenn.

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