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Grainger County, Tennessee, USA: Robin's Roots

Grainger County, Tennessee, USA  Grainger County, Tennessee, USA


Grainger County, Tennessee, USA

Primary Birth events in Grainger County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Bacon, Sarah E7 Mar 18507 Sep 1904 I30955
2 Hutcheson, Alfred (Alphord) Leander22 Mar 180730 Jan 1890Tarrant County, Texas, _I21220
3 Hutcheson, Hezekiah7 Jul 179730 Aug 1848Pleasant Site, Franklin County, Alabama, _I21218
4 Hutcheson, Louis17881866Coffee County, Alabama, _I21221
5 Hutcheson, Mary Rebekah28 Nov 180114 Sep 1849Washington County, Arkansas, _I21225
6 Hutcheson, Nancy2 May 17851872 I21217
7 Hutcheson, Sarah9 Jul 180324 Aug 1876Pikeville, Bledsoe County, _, _I21223
8 Hutcheson, William20 Feb 17908 Jun 1839Rhea County, _, _I21216
9 Siglar, Matilda23 Feb 181127 Jan 1886Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, _I25275

Residence events in Grainger County, Tennessee, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bacon, Sarah E18507 Mar 1850(here)7 Sep 1904 I30955
2 Hutcheson, Charles II1799Aug 1763Amelia County, Virginia, _11 Aug 1829Cold Spring, Bledsoe County, _, _I21286
3 ''1800''''''''''
4 Needham, Colonel Sawyers190027 Nov 1882Tennessee, _11 Feb 1963 I29457

Primary Marriage events in Grainger County, Tennessee, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 William D Hassell / Julia Elizabeth Inman19 Aug 1869F22082
2 William Hutcheson / Margaret (Peggy) Sigler15 Jul 1809F20556
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