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Augusta County, Virginia, USA: Robin's Roots

Augusta County, Virginia, USA  Augusta County, Virginia, USA


Augusta County, Virginia, USA

Primary Birth events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Abney, Sarah (Sally)176911 Sep 1853Barren County, Kentucky, _I29031
2 Alexander, Catherine20 Sep 178121 Jan 1863West Virginia, _I26441
3 Arbuckle, Elizabeth175717 Oct 1813(here)I23434
4 Arbuckle, James17661 Jan 1845Rush County, Indiana, _I28797
5 Arbuckle, John17 Mar 17421774 I23432
6 Arbuckle, Thomas2 Nov 174715 Jun 1843Jefferson County, Indiana, _I23433
7 Brown, HenryAbt 1747  I24704
8 Brown, Samuel JrAbt 1750  I30656
9 Dickinson, Mary1725Aft 1797(here)I20847
10 Dickinson, Nancy17521799Greenbrier County, West Virginia, _I24750
11 Fagin, Catherina1 Jun 1739Bef 1800Virginia, _I24379
12 Finley, Mary Tate1 Sep 185513 May 1884Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, _I27077
13 Fulton, Eleanor17 Dec 17401824(here)I29092
14 Fulton, Eleanor178110 Mar 1834(here)I29103
15 Fulton, Hugh Jr9 Oct 175921 Mar 1816Nicholas County, Kentucky, _I29099
16 Fulton, John20 May 176820 Jan 1845Patterson, Wayne County, Missouri, _I29100
17 Fulton, ThomasAbt 1745Aft 1806 I31345
18 Fulton, WilliamAbt 17451797 I31343
19 Harris, Susannah181130 Sep 1883RiverheadsI31358
20 Hunter, ElizabethAbt 17661846Floyd County, Indiana, _I25337
21 Lawrence, Elizabeth17481809Franklin County, Kentucky, _I24747
22 Lockhart, Jane17461781(here)I28801
23 Madison, Catherine175418 Jul 1818Buffalo, Putnam County, West Virginia, _I20849
24 Mathews, James20 Sep 1737Bef 27 Jun 1812Jefferson County, Kentucky, _I31100
25 McClanachan, Robert III17711824Barren County, Kentucky, _I23414
26 McClanahan, John Burns SrDec 1774Apr 1847Lawrenceton, Ste Genevieve County, Missouri, _I23415
27 McClenachan, Capt Robert Jr19 Apr 174710 Oct 1774Point Pleasant, Mason County, West Virginia, _I23413
28 McCutchan, Eleanor Ann18107 Mar 1859South RiverI25339
29 McCutchan, Elizabeth18 Dec 18064 Apr 1890Parke County, Indiana, _I31353
30 McCutchan, James H1761Abt 30 Dec 1822Floyd County, Indiana, _I25336
31 McCutchan, Jane6 Mar 18124 Apr 1874Milligan, Parke County, Indiana, _I31363
32 McCutchan, Julie Ann1785Abt 1826Floyd County, Indiana, _I25342
33 McCutchan, Rebecca Sarah5 Nov 178820 Nov 1841Floyd County, Indiana, _I25341
34 McCutchan, Sarah Elizabeth22 Oct 18089 Apr 1877Franklin County, Kansas, _I31354
35 McCutchan, William L18 Sep 180231 Jul 1876Parke County, Indiana, _I29114
36 McCutchan, William Youel ("Elder Billy")27 Nov 175829 Jun 1848(here)I29134
37 McCutcheon, William173927 Dec 1785(here)I29091
38 McCutcheon, William Eldon24 Dec 17921 Jul 1875Yamhill, Yamhill County, Oregon, _I25343
39 Miller, Barbara176427 Mar 1846Washington County, Tennessee, _I20745
40 Poage, John17761777(here)I24696
41 Poague, William17541777(here)I23422
42 Smiley, William M18 Sep 181023 Oct 1874 I31347
43 Strain, William28 Jan 180530 Oct 1889Parke County, Indiana, _I31359
44 Young, Mary WithersAbt 186718 Aug 1939Greenbrier County, West Virginia, _I27063

Primary Death events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Arbuckle, Elizabeth17 Oct 18131757(here)I23434
2 Brown, SamuelAbt 1750Abt 1717New Jersey, _I26410
3 Dickinson, Abigail17501728Pennsylvania, _I24745
4 Dickinson, Adam17625 Feb 1701/02Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, _I21744
5 Dickinson, MaryAft 17971725(here)I20847
6 Dickinson, Mary Perry5 Feb 185311 Aug 1768Bedford, Bedford County, _, _I24751
7 Fulton, Eleanor182417 Dec 1740(here)I29092
8 Fulton, Eleanor10 Mar 18341781(here)I29103
9 Fulton, Elizabeth18071732IrelandI29094
10 Fulton, Hugh16 May 18101727IrelandI29097
11 Fulton, James17531690IrelandI29096
12 Lockhart, Jane17811746(here)I28801
13 Lockhart, Sarah Ann17641694Northern IrelandI29093
14 Madison, John177926 Oct 1719King & Queen County, _, _I30710
15 McCutchan, SamuelUNKNOWN1733Maryland, _I29095
16 McCutchan, William Youel ("Elder Billy")29 Jun 184827 Nov 1758(here)I29134
17 McCutcheon, William27 Dec 17851739(here)I29091
18 Poage, John17771776(here)I24696
19 Poague, William17771754(here)I23422
20 Thompson, Margaret17611 Jan 1714ScotlandI21590
21 Vaught, Johan Paul17611681GermanyI29608
22 Westfall, Abel168925 Sep 1661Kingston, Ulster County, New York, _I27594

Arrival events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Arrival BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Bartholomew, Margaret17621685Scotland1766 I24713

Civil events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Civil BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Blackburn, Benjamin J23 Oct 17651713Ireland1791Washington County, Tennessee, _I21965
2 Fulton, James26 Nov 17471690Ireland1753(here)I29096
3 Madison, Catherine15 May 17701754(here)18 Jul 1818Buffalo, Putnam County, West Virginia, _I20849
4 Madison, John15 May 177026 Oct 1719King & Queen County, _, _1779(here)I30710

Possessions events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Possessions BirthDeathPerson ID
1 van Kuykendall, Jacobus (James)19 Apr 174922 Oct 1721Kingston, Ulster County, New York, _ Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, _I21531

Probate events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Probate BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Brown, Samuel22 May 1750Abt 1717New Jersey, _Abt 1750(here)I26410
2 Fulton, James15 Aug 17531690Ireland1753(here)I29096
3 Kummerlin, Jacob Friedrich20 Aug 176523 Feb 1715Wuerttemberg11 Oct 1763Bland County, _, _I26042
4 Madison, Humphrey15 Dec 175625 Apr 1730King & Queen County, _, _12 Sep 1756Jackson River, Bath County, _, _I20846
5 Vaught, Johan Paul18 Aug 17611681Germany1761(here)I29608

Residence events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Residence BirthDeathPerson ID
1 ??, Grizella1740Est 1708Ireland Bentonville, Warren County, _, _I31072
2 Arbuckle, James Sr5 Sep 174930 Aug 1713Port Glasgow, Renfrew, ScotlandApr 1783Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, _I21589
3 Blackburn, Benjamin Jr17741738Chester County, Pennsylvania, _24 Sep 1834 I31533
4 Blackburn, John B176927 Jan 1741Chester County, Pennsylvania, _9 Feb 1808Dandridge, Jefferson County, Tennessee, _I22044
5 Blackburn, Robert17691742Chester County, Pennsylvania, _9 Feb 1709 I31534
6 Corby, Jabin B1850Abt 1820Virginia, _  I30650
7 Dickinson, Adam15 Dec 17565 Feb 1701/02Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts, _1762(here)I21744
8 Dickinson, Mary29 Mar 17591725(here)Aft 1797(here)I20847
9 Fulton, Hugh18101727Ireland16 May 1810(here)I29097
10 Fulton, James17401690Ireland1753(here)I29096
11 Harris, Susannah18501811(here)30 Sep 1883RiverheadsI31358
12 Lockhart, Sarah Ann15 Aug 17531694Northern Ireland1764(here)I29093
13 McCutchan, Eleanor Ann18501810(here)7 Mar 1859South RiverI25339
14 McCutchan, William Youel ("Elder Billy")183027 Nov 1758(here)29 Jun 1848(here)I29134
15 ''4 Mar 1831''''''''''
16 ''1840''''''''''
17 Reasor, Michael SrBef 17771735Virginia, _1831Washington County, _, _I31059

Will events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Name  Will BirthDeathPerson ID
1 Brown, Samuel6 Dec 1749Abt 1717New Jersey, _Abt 1750(here)I26410
2 Vaught, Johan Paul9 Oct 19591681Germany1761(here)I29608

Primary Marriage events in Augusta County, Virginia, USA

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Adam Johannes (Joh) Kimberling / Nancy DavisAbt 1770F22259
2 Charles Harmon McCutchen / Sarah Elizabeth McCutchan1838F27102
3 Humphrey Madison / Mary Dickinson17 Aug 1753F20387
4 Jabin B Corby / Eleanor Ann McCutchan16 Jan 1840F26701
5 James H McCutchan / Elizabeth Hunter15 Nov 1786F22039
6 James Harvey Arbuckle / Catherine Alexander2 Jan 1798F20709
7 James McCutchen / Susannah Harris16 Jan 1836F27104
8 Jane McCutchan / William M Smiley6 Mar 1834F27103
9 Robert Hunter / Eleanor Fulton22 Dec 1803F23389
10 Robert McClanachan / Sarah (Sally) Abney4 Jul 1797F21385
11 Robert McClenachan / Catherine Madison15 May 1770F21384
12 Samuel Blackburn / Anna Matthews18 Aug 1785F27215
13 Samuel Brown / Elizabeth Grattan19 May 1774F26705
14 Samuel Finley McCutchan / Susannah Mowry20 Nov 1817F27100
15 Samuel McCutchan / Elizabeth Fulton1753F23384
16 William L McCutchan / Margaret Cooper5 Apr 1827F23393
17 William Poague / Catherine Madison1776F21390
18 William Strain / Elizabeth McCutchan20 Oct 1831F27101
19 William Youel ("Elder Billy") McCutchan / Jane Finley20 May 1794F23402
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