We got a very close look at some Cheetahs - but never saw any of them running. One, just outside the Serengeti Park, had just caught a gazelle as we approached. Our driver said that he saw the dust from the chase in the distance. We drove up close, and watched as some cubs approached for their meal, though we didn't stick around for the meal.

This one was prowling around near the zebra and wildebeest herds in the Serengeti. We heard some zebras barking - yes, their warning sound sounds an awful lot like a bark - and suspected that a predator was nearby. Sure enough, we soon saw the cheetah. He looked like he might be on the prowl, Cheetah on the prowl - 40k

but he soon settled down..., Cheetah on the ground - 47k
and was so comfortable that even the zebras no longer minded his presence. Cheetah and zebras - 45k

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