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Note: As always, you can shift-click on any link (on any page) to make it appear in a new window (or control-click to make it appear in a new browser tab), so that you can follow the link while still keeping this page open.
  1. 12 Mar 2015 - Wow! It's been almost a year since I updated this What's New page!?! I guess that it's just not so new to me any more. But I have been busy. Among my activities:
    • After losing my FTM database a couple of times with complete dowmloads from (it's a long story), all of my TNG record numbers changed, and most of my hyperlinks to specific people or reports remained broken for a long time. I have finally fixed the hyperlinks on this What's New Page, and on my Places to Start Browsing My Family Tree page.
    • I implemented Ancestor and Descendant charts in TNG that match the format of my those on my old web site. TNG has several Ancestor and Descendant chart formats; my format is the default in my database.
    • I've written a number of TNG mods that affect the administrative side of the application.
    • I've been contacted by several distant cousins who fed me data about small corners of the family. I also pulled out my copy of The Descendants of John Richmond of Virginia, by Vaud Travis Jr., and added three or four dozen distant Richmond cousins - mostly descendants of Isaac Washington Richmond, a son of Samuel David Richmond (b.1815).
  2. 26 Apr 2014 - (The TNG Software) Changed the Famly Profile (i.e. Family Group Sheet) page to display data in two columns, and overall, to use less space.
  3. 12 Apr 2014 - (the TNG software) Implemented a number of changes to the Personal Profile page. This was the culmination of several weeks' work during which I
    • Made numerous changes to the TNG software so that the Personal Profile page displays the data more efficiently - requiring less scrolling,
    • Implemented my changes as a TNG "mod" so that other programmers can implement those changes on their TNG sites. My Mod description on a TNG programmer's site can give you some insights into what has changed on the Personal Profile page.
    • And installed a few mods from other programmers to add elements to the Personal Profile page. Changes implemented by those mods include:
      • The names of living people are now displayed in red to make then stand out more,
      • There is a new tab on the Personal Profile page that assists you in submitting new photos or documents to me for inclusion in family trees.
  4. 05 Apr 2014 - Added a couple hundred new Kuykendall and Kirkendall cousins more closely related to a distant cousin who came upon my web site in an Internet search.
  5. 23 Dec 2013 - Cemetery Report - You can now select certain featured cemeteries (that I have chosen) and display a list of all of the people buried there.  You can get to this feature from the top-of-the-page navigation bar on the greeting pages, or from the Find drop-down list in the light blue menu bar on most other pages
  6. 29 Nov 2013 - Judith's Family Now Available - Incorporated Judith's family into my TNG data, in two new "trees" - the Brachfield/Wolfe tree (her father's family), and the Deliot/Azcarraga tree (her mother's family).  I turned maintenance of the Deliot/Azcarraga tree on over to Judith's cousin (in-law), Barbara Baldwin, so I won't be making many updates there.  But I'll still maintain the Brachfield/Wolfe tree.
  7. 10 Nov 2013 - Found several more immigrant ancestors in Plymouth Colony, including - William DENNIS (b.1595)&  Jane SCARLETT (b.1598) and their son Robert DENNIS, (b.1617) who has several stories in his record
  8. 06 Nov 2013 - Ancestor names in Uppercase - To make it easier to recognize direct ancestors in browsing the database and in reports, I finally went through the database and made the last names of all 270 of my direct ancestors all-uppercase.
  9. Oct 2013 - Recorded more information about the military service of my Dad, Brother-in-law Allen Roseberry, Uncle Don Horton, and Granddad Clarence Richmond.  Granddad Richmond's World War 1 service is well chronicled in his War Memoir, of course.  Stories of Uncle Don's World War 2 service should be forthcoming soon. 
  10. Oct 2013 - Some research on my mother's mother's side of the family.To understand the relationships described in the two items just below, you might want to look at Elizabeth Ann (Bety) Nelson's Ancestor Tree. She was my grandmother Horton's grandmother.
    • Found better stories about the exploits of frontiersmen William ARBUCKLE (b.1752, my ancestor), and his brother Matthew Arbuckle (b.1740). Matthew and William fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774, in what is now West Virginia, against British-allied Indians, in what some consider the first battle of the Revolutionary War.  Also,  Matthew Arbuckle, Jr had a long career in the army - worthy of a Wikipedia page. The Arbuckle Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma are named for him.
    • Found Dickinson ancestors and stories about their involvement in King Phillip's War in 17th century New England. It was fought with Indians led by Metacomet, known as King Phillip to the Puritan settlers. See my immigrant ancestor, Nathaniel DICKINSON (b.1601), and his sons. Nathaniel Dickinson's great-granddaughter Mary Davis DICKINSON married Humphrey MADISON (b.1730), and their daughter Catherine MADISON (b.1754) married William ARBUCKLE (b.1752) in Virginia, in 1779.
  11. 7 Sep 2013 - First started rolling out this site to family members
  12. Jul-Aug 2013 - Some research on my father's mother's side of the family: To understand the relationships described in the items below, you might look at Flavius Josephus HUTCHESON's Ancestor Tree from my reporting web site. He was my grandmother Richmond's grandfather.
    • Found our immigrant Skillman ancestors at the web site. Thomas SKILLMAN (b.1635) came to America in 1674 as a soldier in the British fleet that brought about the surrender of New Amsterdam.  He stayed in America to raise a family on Long Island, basically on the border between Queens and Brooklyn. His great-great granddaughter, Rebecca SKILLMAN (b.1767) married Charles HUTCHESON Jr. (b.1763), in Virginia in about 1780.  They were the first Hutchesons to settle in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and were Edith Kuykendall Hutcheson's great-great grandparents.
    • Found more FitzRandolph ancestors. Edward FITZRANDOLPH (b.1607) was on the Speedwell when it left England in company with the Mayflower in 1620, but the Speedwell had to turn back, and he didn't make it to Plymouth Colony until 1629. He wound up in what is now Middlesex County, New Jersey (south of Bergen County and just west of Staten Island, New York). His grandson, Nathaniel FITZRANDOLPH (b.1703) donated the land on which the core of Princeton University was built. His great-granddaughter Ruth FITZRANDOLPH married Christopher SKILLMAN in Maryland in about 1760, and they were the parents of Rebecca SKILLMAN, who married Charles Hutcheson.
    • Found Hull ancestors in Plymouth Colony and New Jersey, with interesting stories about Rev. Joseph HULL (b.1594), who immigrated in 1633.  His great-granddaughter Anna HULL (b.1710) married John SKILLMAN (b.1695) in the late 1720's.  They lived in Somerset County, New Jersey, just inland from Middlesex County, which is essentially adjacent to Staten Island.

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