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61 3064 - see Woodbridge & Vic. by Rev John Dolly Family F855
62 3082 - Her married name was Smith Family F900
63 3095 - Schwartzwald Reformed Church Family F931
64 3048 - Mack and Nannie were second cousins Family F943
65 3045 - after death of Nannie Hutcheson Family F944
66 2892 - Dau of Claud Dulin & Lucy Buchanan Dulin, Kathyron Jessica (I10)
67 2697 - GRid=39692855 HUTCHESON, Edith Kuykendall (I1009)
68 2657 - GRid=39692853; Portrait in military dress uniform. Very simple in-ground marker in family plot, plus an in-ground military marker with the inscription "Cpl US Marine Corps, World War I" RICHMOND, Clarence Lester Sr (I1010)
69 3158 - Clarence Richmond kept a diary during his time in the U.S. Marines during World War 1, and expanded it into a memoir that has been cited by at least two World War 1 web sites. It tells quite a remarkable story, and has several poignant passages The memoir, in full, is at

The passage that is, to me, the most poignant and memorable is about the last night of World War 1, when the 5th Marines were asked to take the East bank of the Meuse river under very heavy fire from the Germans stationed on the hills above the river. (See ) He reveals the desperation and carnage of the night without hyperbole, and waxes eloquently on the controversy of requiring soldiers to engage in a difficult battle even after the cease-fire was evidently negotiated, but before it went into effect. He also noted dryly that, as he prepared for that battle, "for the millionth time, I agreed with Gen. Sherman about war".

That passage is especially memorable, because, in 2012, I went on a tour of World War 1 sites that featured the exploits of the U.S. Marines and that used my grandfather's memoir as source material. After we rode through farm fields searching for the Meuse River and the crossing site, I read that passage to the tour group. Then, the tour guide told me "When I planned this trip, I intended for someone to read that passage, but I had no idea whatsoever that it might be Clarence Richmond's grandson."
- Robin Richmond 
RICHMOND, Clarence Lester Sr (I1010)
70 2198 - GRid=75877829 Nelson, John Morris (I1014)
71 3024 - Living with sister Jane Klein, Dorothy (I1038)
72 2109 - At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I104)
73 2635 - GRid=13205889; no photos MCCUTCHAN, Samuel (I1042)
74 2636 - "Kentucky Sam" McCutcheon is person #36 at
which tells the story of Sam and Sarah's meeting when she visited her brother Daniel in Floyd Co, Indiana. This account puts Sam's birth in 1979 in Bourbon Co, KY, and says that Sam and Sarah were married in Kentucky, where she was raised. 
MCCUTCHAN, Samuel (I1042)
75 2493 - Dau of Clifford I Smith & Effie M Underwood Smith, Mary Frances (I1047)
76 1041 - Age: 89 Marwilsky, Fay (I106)
77 2939 - Dau of Floyd Switzer & Ruby Skinner Switzer, Lodena 'Eunice' (I1065)
78 1030 - GRid=153193131; Cremated - ashes to family land outside Henderson, TX Wolfe, Judith Frances (I110)
79 2492 - Son of George S Booth & Grace A Wilkerson Booth, Fred Randolph (I1101)
80 2722 - GRid=60169800; nice double stone; names of 4 children Keebler, John B (I1138)
81 2120 - GRid=40410648 Pike, (Capt.) John (I1195)
82 2653 - GRid=39125725; Headstone in pieces on the ground, still legible (chalked) DAVIS, Mary Ann (I1224)
83 2148 - GRid=105665468 Arbuckle, James Edward (I125)
84 2149 - Widowed Arbuckle, Finley McCue (I126)
85 2758 - Dau of Coleman Smith & Mary Ann Cosby Smith, Emily (I1271)
86 2893 - GRid=77261031; Simple in-ground stone Richmond, Thomas Jefferson (I13)
87 1040 - Informant: Daughter Marguerite McFadden Arnstein, Leo (I13)
88 1039 - Son of Albert & Anna Arnstein Arnstein, Leo (I13)
89 2920 - GRid=83211452; Simply in-ground stone, Data from death certificate Trewhitt, William ("Billie") (I131)
90 2771 - GRid=77422537 Bacon, Susan Elizabeth (I1327)

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